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Big Sur to Pismo Beach
Distance: 116 miles    Elevation: 8,208 feet

Elevation in the ride:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 23.09.56

Day three was pretty magical; we climbed over 8,000 feet through some insane mountain ranges, alongside some insane coastal views and totalled 116 miles – the most I’ve ever ridden in a day!

The start of the day was a little chilly as we climbed through the forest mist and into the mountains; once we were above the clouds though, the sun was shining through the trees and we were set up for an absolutely gorgeous day!

IMG_3545It got pretty hot once we had made our way through the climbs but the views above the clouds were pretty incredible; I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves below!

It was the sort of day where you think you’ve climbed the highest hill, then another comes along after a crazy descent (to which there were so many!). The moral of the team was high though & once again, the support team were amazing to shout us on, or give us water & tasty snacks to keep us going. I got some great footage on my GoPro which I’m dying to show you all!

We moved out of the mountains after lunch and started to tackle the rest of the killer 116 mile day. It’s amazing how many micro-climates you see in 1 day. It was literally mountains, then marshland next to beaches (elephant seals included) to volcanic landscapes to inter-city streets.


It would be lying to say that it wasn’t a difficult day. My legs had settled to an extent but the quads and knees were starting to ache after the battering taken in the mountains. Day 3 was mentally exhausting more than anything; there were moments of long stretching roads with not another person in sight, and these were hard work when all I was doing was pumping away at the pedals & trying not to count the miles, metre by metre.

I’m also very please to announce that I have hit my target fundraising of £1,000! The support from everyone is invaluable and I can’t express my thanks to the kind words everyone has shared with me, and the support I’ve received financially. Cry in the Dark will certainly benefit hugely from this money!

As I have done on previous days, I thought it only fitting to share a few more photos of the day, to give you a taste of what it was like:

IMG_3582 IMG_3578 IMG_3572 IMG_3570IMG_3558IMG_3554-2IMG_3568

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  • Fantastic to read Peter. Keep pedalling – you are an inspiration!

  • Everyone at Phantom of the Opera rehearsals is missing you and cheering you on to San Diego and a safe return to Suffolk – preferably with all limbs still operational…

    • Thankyou! Just finished & we’re all safe & well! 🙂 see you soon!

      • What a fantastic achievement and a remarkable adventure…hugely impressive! Alan