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Distance: 103.5 miles    Elevation: 5,320 feet

Elevation in the ride:

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 23.20.11

Day 4 was brutal; absolutely brutal. We started off knowing that the day was going to be tough, we’d just done day 3 which had a lot of climbs and we were aching. We also knew that it was going to be raining pretty much all day. Both of these things seemed to be much smaller issues than we had anticipated; we could ride through the pain, and we all prepared for the rain by wearing jackets (and hurting our eyes because they were so bright!) but oh my… the punctures…

IMG_3692We did, however, soon realise that the rain was the least of our worries, and that it was the punctures caused by the rain which were going to be the low point of the day. In total, we had around 32 punctures between the group; I had 2. I’d fixed one and then 200 metres down the road, on the same tyre (the back) I had another! I also spent a lot of the day helping others with their punctures and other mechanical issues, so my white jersey is now black… who said chivalry was dead?


Some of the day was also spent being pretty miserable in the rain with a strong headwind and straight open roads. Mentally the day was tough because the accumulation of everything; having to look down 3 miles of open road, knowing that you have to cycle it with a hill at the end, in the rain, with a headwind, and a potential puncture on you or someone else’s bike is painful…

We did however have songs and laughter to keep us going through the day; I didn’t end up getting back until well into night, so there were 5 miles with makeshift lights that were very interesting! Without the support of the rest of the team, and the humour to keep us going, day 4 could have been much worse!

As usual, here are a few more photos for your perusal:

IMG_3703  IMG_3725

IMG_3719IMG_3714 IMG_3710 IMG_3708

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