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Santa Monica to Laguna Beach
Distance: 76.3 miles     Elevation: 2,569 feet

Elevation in the ride:

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.12.01

As we start to near the end of the trip; everyone reflects on what were the most challenging days over the past week. Clearly day 3 was an epic cycle through the mountains of The Big Sur in the sweltering Californian sunshine, and day 4 was a bit of a ‘let down’ (because of the punctures) – hehe. Day 6 however was just a ‘good’ ride. By this point in the trip, everyones legs had settled a bit more and we could all just get on with churning through the miles.


At the start of every day I would get on bike my bike, and like everyone else moan and groan a little bit about the soreness of my behind, or the grinding of the knees; it does seem to make sense though – cycling hundreds of miles is no easy feat! But within about 15 miles everything settles down and the legs start to work as they should again!

We started at Hotel Carmel in Santa Monica and headed South (the direction we’d been travelling all week!). We cycled through the city, past Los Angeles International Airport and down through bike paths alongside the beach. There was a little section of hills which started around 20 miles into the ride which was a nice mix up of the flat ish roads we had for most of the morning.


Sometime in the ride (can’t remember when) we stopped for a coffee at a nice little coffee shop in the LA suburbs. The caffeine was most welcome after a morning of cycling through a fairly chilly Los Angeles! The week has been a very refreshing week for me; able to take some time out of normal life to make new friends, experience the outdoors and cycle through some beautiful areas of the USA.

The afternoon of the ride was pretty much more of the same in the best way possible. We cycled down the coastal bike route past Long Beach, Newport Beach and eventually arrived at Laguna Beach later in the evening. Day 6 was certainly not a tough day, but it gave us the opportunity to see more of California and really appreciate the beauty of our surroundings as we cycled another 76 miles towards San Diego.

More from day 6:

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