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Distance: 62.2 miles    Elevation gain: 2,837 feet

Elevation in the ride:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 21.28.01

So here it is, the beginning of the end. As I’m writing this post, it is fairly obvious to say that we have all completed the ride; 620 miles later, writing this on the plane back from San Diego to London Heathrow. I will be taking some time to reflect on the trip, the journey (physically & less literally), the charities, and the people and writing a summary blog post in the next couple of weeks – the posts from this week have all been written with limited wifi after a long days ride at 2am!

Day 7 was a swell end to what had been a tough, but enjoyable week. We stayed over night in a quaint little motel about 50 metres from the beach. I woke up nice and early and popped down for a fresh dip in the sea. I had to get the sea at least once on my trip; it is California after all.

We set off after a light breakfast with every intention of stopping a few miles down the road for a coffee and some more food to keep the blood sugar up! As it was our last day cycling together, we rode as a group for the majority of the morning until we found a fairly unpresumptuous beach cafe selling good coffee & chocolate muffins (yum).


For lunch we stopped off further down the route towards the finishing line at a small park alongside the road. We bought some pizzas for the previous night’s meal and finished the remaining slices off for lunch with a little bit of dozing on the grass. Everyone was in high spirits, but tired nonetheless.

After a few more miles of cycling we reached a beast of a hill which led up to our final descent to the Marriott Hotel which we stayed at for our last few days in San Diego. As you can see from the elevation chart we had the biggest climb of the day, and quite a climb to finish the week! It seemed to go on forever, but the whole team were cheering at the top with snacks & drinks! Day 7 was a great end to a great week and needless to say it was a challenging week that pushed every member of the team to their limits; mentally & physically.


I’ll be shortly posting a summary blog post reflecting on the week and a few more images which weren’t included on the individual days; thanks for your support throughout the entirety of the trip! You’ve donated over £1,100 towards Cry in the Dark this week to support my venture; thank-you SO MUCH!

It’s been such an incredible week with a group of riders with so much drive to support each other and complete the ride together; I want to personally thank everyone who has donated, sent over kind words, or joined me in the trip – It has truly been a trip of a lifetime.

Here are a few more photos from day 7 of the ride:

IMG_3953 IMG_3949 IMG_3932 IMG_3960 IMG_3971IMG_3977IMG_3980 IMG_3994 IMG_3995IMG_4001

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