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Show week is here! *Fistpump*. We moved into the New Wolsey Theatre on Sunday after months and months of rehearsing; tech and dress rehearsals are done & we’re all set for opening night. As is always the case, it comes around ridiculously quickly. One moment you’re sat in a room next to a piano, holding sheet music, the next you’re in full costume (which I might add is very hot) strutting around the stage in character… excitement is on a high… as are nerves…

“Entertaining, moving, incredible –  my view is always that a review should be balanced – but this show leaves no room for criticism. It is magnificent from beginning to end and I would urge you to go if you have to beg, borrow or steal a ticket. Co op Juniors have triumphed – and I think it will be hard to see anything else to compare with this production in the foreseeable future.”One Suffolk Review

It hasn’t been an easy process, and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is a heck of a tough show. Not only is the music very technical, but it’s also a very dark musical with some tough emotional scenes. I didn’t know the musical at all when auditioning, but I’ve been able to mould and shape my character (Raoul) with the help of others, and a developed understanding of the plot, characters and how they all play off and to each other. Chris Vince has done a superb job stepping up to play the Phantom (top lad), and Anna Watson has excelled once again playing her dream role as Christine Daae; both such talented chaps!



It was only a couple of days that we heard the band for the first time, and it’s added such depth to the songs bringing out a plethora of flavours (it sounds yummy) & colours. I might hasten to add that from fairly humble and shaky beginnings, the ‘musical’ aspect of the show sounds so, so good.

It’s been great to join the Co-op Junior Theatre Company (Cojos) for this production; a group that I haven’t had any connection with prior to this show. Myself (Raoul), Bea Derrick (Carlotta), Michael H-S (Mssr. Andre) & Wade Ablitt (Mssr. Firmin) were all from outside the company, but we’ve been welcomed with open arms, and it’s been great to work with a young cast, supporting each other through the highs and the lows.



So, it’s safe to say, I’m very chuffed with how the musical has turned out. Big thanks to the backstage crew (& the mastermind, Alan Ayres), the crew at the theatre, all the dressers, the Cojos’ volunteers and Rebecca Darcy who has directed this fabulous show. I guess I would be slightly biased saying that you should come this show, but it is honestly fantastic!

Here’s a couple of great reviews of the show’s opening night!

Unfortunately (for you), most of the tickets have gone… you may still be able to snap one up if you’re quick! For all those in the show: let’s smash it, for all those watching: your support is invaluable and I hope you enjoy it!

Details: The New Wolsey Theatre, 15th to 18th July (19:45 w/ matinees on Friday (4pm) & Sat (2:30pm).


Keep an eye out on the following Twitter pages for photos as the week goes on:

Photo Credits: Co-op Juniors Theatre Company Twitter

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