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Earlier this year, I took a 620 mile trip down the west coast of the USA with a group from Cry in the Dark & Indigo Volunteers. The weather was hot (on the most part) and the breezes were most welcome after hot climbs through The Big Sur. You can read more here. We cycled through early morning mists as the sun peaked above the mountains and through the trees, and late into the afternoon cycling through the coastal roads of Los Angeles as the sunset cast long shadows behind us. This evening was slightly different.

Here in the UK the Summer is coming to an end, and with the end of Summer the cold. It also seems an awful shame that a month ago I could head out on the bike late into the evening and not have to worry about catching a chill, but now I know that the outdoor cycling season is coming to an end. (I don’t really know why I’m complaining, it happens every year!). Needless to say, the sunset still looked pretty majestic over the fields of Suffolk; not quite California, but impressive none-the-less.



It’s not even Winter yet, but I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again… perhaps we’ll get a lucky September heat wave and I can hit the road again with my jersey unzipped, and my sunglasses proudly blocking out the last of the years sunshine. Next on the travel list is New Zealand in January, which means Summer in the Southern Hemisphere – Yippee!


I think this evening will be one of the last chances to exercise outside. My asthma means that cold weather doesn’t mix well with breathing (bit of a big issue), so down to the gym we go…

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    Hi Peter,
    Love your blog! We’ve just finished a cycling trip down the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Santa Monica and loved reading about the similar experiences you had out here in California. Keep up the good work!

    • Cheers guys! It’s such a beautiful stretch of coastline! What did you think of The Big Sur? Next time you should head all the way down to San Diego – there are some lovely open roads, not to mention San Diego itself; amazing city!

      • More Adventure

        The Big Sur was epic! We actually split it into two days (would have loved to have done the whole thing in one day – perhaps next year!), but it has to be one of the best roads in the world, hands down. Every corner was a “wow” moment! Yep, San Diego is also on the list! What’s your next adventure?
        May we ask as well, what theme do you use for this website? It’s fantastic!

        • I know the feeling. I swear the whole day was “surely there can’t be a better view round the next corner!” – hit 42mph on a downhill too! Heading to New Zealand in December for 3 weeks, cycling across Romania next Summer & hopefully California again in the Summer of 2017! How about you?

          It’s called the ‘Smartblog’ theme… think it was around £30 but well worth it!

          So… who are you guys?

          • More Adventure

            New Zealand, nice. Are you cycling over there? I’ve done a bit of cycling/travelling over there, would love to go back at some point! What are you planning in California in 2017?
            We are a UK-based adventure travel company, we offer cycling and trekking trips in the UK and overseas. Keeps us busy and means we can justify cycling through California!

          • Hopefully be able to fit in some cycling, but mainly just exploring! I think it’ll be similar to this year – San Francisco to San Diego, maybe a slightly different route, but probably with a different group! That sounds like a very good way to get some extra cycling hols in 😉