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This time of year is probably my favourite. Providing it doesn’t rain, and isn’t too cold (both very likely) then there’s nothing quite like heading out just before sunset and walking through the fields or the woods as an Autumn mist creeps over the horizon. The leaves too – words can’t explain the beauty of autumnal colours; a natural carpet of crisp browns, yellows and reds.

At the moment the ‘warm’ weather is still holding on, which means taking photos without frostbitten fingers is still possible. I thought I’d share a few pictures with you, nothing special, but I hope they encapsulate just a little bit of that Autumn magic.

IMG_5826IMG_5828IMG_5827IMG_5836 IMG_5832   IMG_5818 IMG_5799 IMG_5796

What’s your favourite time of year? Let me know below!

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