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So here we are, the beginning of our 3 week long New Zealand road trip! We left the UK in the evening of Boxing Day and after 24 hours of flights via Hong Kong we landed in Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island. The flights were long but Cathay Pacific did a great job looking after us with 2 meals, plenty of liquids and mug noodles whenever we wanted! As is customary with long haul flights you watch too many films, and never get enough sleep!

Our plan is to drive around the North Island for a bit to see the sights, then travel south via Wellington, Blenheim and Queenstown (yes, bungee jumping!) to Stuart Island where we’ll spend a couple of nights. After this we’ll be driving up to Christchurch where we’ll end our journey. I’ll be updating my blog as travel our route and visit some exciting places along the way!

Auckland Harbour

Soon after landing in Auckland International Airport we drove through the city down to Auckland Harbour. Our only real intention at this point was coffee – much needed after our long flight!

 For those who know me well, you’ll know I love flat whites. My Instagram is often filled with the creamy ferns of fine coffee cups and I’m not ashamed to enjoy a nice strong flat white as a regular treat. New Zealand & Australia are renowned as the home of the flat white which was music to my ears! So far, every coffee shop I’ve been in (and even a bakery) sold flat whites! (Woo!)

Here’s a few more snaps of Auckland harbour. If I ever get the chance to come back, I’d love to go to the top of the Sky Tower and look over the city – I bet the views are incredible!


Auckland Cathedral

We stumbled across Auckland’s cathedral whilst searching for food (also top of the list with coffee) and it was a stunning example of modern architecture! They say that pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll let these pictures do the talking.


Next stop Waitomo caves and bush trails, see you there!

Pete x

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