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One of the many surprises we encountered whilst travelling around New Zealand was the beautiful tree church in Ohaupo, a few miles South of Hamilton on the North Island. The Church is a botanical wonder of interwoven branches and flowers and the masterpiece of local Barry Cox. Now, I’m sure you’d expect to be ‘inside’ when you step through the door but oh contraire, you’re very much a part of the grounds! The building is a seamless merge of the manmade and natural worlds and the birds are tweeting away whilst the walls of the church blow in the wind! Pop in if you’re travelling South, don’t leaf (sorry-not-sorry) without stopping by!

IMG_9963 IMG_9966 IMG_9978 IMG_9979 IMG_9984

Entry costs $10 per adult which I’d say is very reasonable if you’re happy to wander around the grounds for a bit – take your lunch, and soak up the sunshine!

You can learn more about the church here. What’s the most impressive building you’ve visited?

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