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Hey guys, I’m Peter. It’s great to see you here on my blog; a space for creativity, positive vibes, and a love of places, people, food & good coffee.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no pro when it comes to blogging, photography & music but I hope that through this blog I can share snippets of my life and spread a positive message of love and a desire to enjoy life, living it to the fullest.

“Do the things you enjoy, and you’ll enjoy the things you do.”

More about me; I’m 20 years old young and hark from the town of Kesgrave, a suburb of Ipswich in the UK. Ipswich is buzzing with arts, culture, food & good times – here’s where I spend a lot of my time!

I thought it’d be a good idea to share some of my passions with you so you know what makes me tick:

  • Music 🎶 – I’m a great believer that music is the best form to share and provoke emotion. I love pumping the tunes up, and belting the words out. I’m also a big lover of musical theatre, and you’ll always find me in a show, or preparing for one.
  • Photography 📷– There’s no better way to capture a moment or a memory than in a photograph; certainly not an expert, but I like to think I am!
  • Fitness💪- I will admit I don’t have the perfect physique, nor am I the fittest of blokes, but I love hitting the gym, getting out on the road on my bike.
  • Food🍜- Good food = Yum. ‘nough said.
  • Coffee☕- My personal favourite is the flat white; I love discovering quirky little coffee shops with cups full of flavour!
  • The Great Outdoors🌲- The world is a marvellous place & all of the above allow me to enjoy it to the fullest; surfing, swimming, walking, driving, eating & enjoying are all made possible by being in such a wonderful world.