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I took a trip of a lifetime in June 2015, cycling from San Francisco to San Diego in California. It was such an incredible journey in many ways, and I’ve met some amazing people, seen some crazy views, and raised over £1,200 for Cry in the Dark. Thank-you so much to everyone on the trip, and everyone who donated!

If you’d like to donate, you can click here, or donate directly to Cry in the Dark.

You can click on the pictures below to view the blog posts I wrote as the week progressed:

Day 1: San Francisco to Watsonville

Distance: 96.4 miles   Elevation: 5,785 feet  Read more…


Day 2: Watsonville to The Big Sur

Distance: 59.8 miles  Elevation: 3,594 feet  Read more…


Day 3: The Big Sur to Pismo Beach

Distance: 116 miles  Elevation: 8,208 feet  Read more…


Day 4: Pismo Beach to Santa Barbara

Distance: 103.5 miles  Elevation: 5,320 feet  Read more…


Day 5: Santa Barbara to Santa Monica

Distance: 93.4 miles  Elevation: 1,948 feet  Read more…


Day 6: Santa Monica to Laguna Beach

Distance: 76.3 miles  Elevation: 2,569 feet  Read more…


Day 7: Laguna Beach to La Jolla (San Diego)

Distance: 62.2 miles  Elevation: 2,837 feet  Read more…